Sunday, November 25, 2007

The War on Paultards

I'm not a frequent reader of Wonkette, but occasionally something comes to my attention that's just too interesting to ignore. It seems that the editorial staff over there has appointed one of their commenters as the "Angry Commenter General" in the "War on Paultards".

We've all heard bits and pieces of Ron Paul's fabled internet candidacy, and how there are many seemingly intelligent people lining up to support him. His ubiquitous, handmade signs are popping up all over, and plenty is being made on his recent online fund raising "success". I think Paul is being cleverly marketed as a "rogue" Republican, who is more of a third-party kind of guy. Kinda like Nader, without the liberal leanings.

Collector's Item?

Before he is forever consigned to the "dustbin of doomed candidates", I think it would be worthwhile to see his policies deconstructed in a particularly forceful (and foul-mouthed) manner.

From Wonkette:
An Open Letter to Paultards: Check Your Motherfucking “Facts” or Shut the Fuck Up.

by NICK FARR, Wonkette Commenter General, Anti-Paultard Alliance (an unpaid position… in case that wasn’t clear, Nick! - Ed.)

There are three things that supporters of Ron Paul seem to have in common:

1) Fundamental mistrust of the government and peripheral institutions.
2) Lack of willingness to understand history, basic economics, government finance, accounting and monetary policy.
3) A pathological belief that Ron Paul will fix everything if/when he is elected President.

What do these three things add up to? An absolute fucking inability to engage with reality.

To some degree, every politician claims they’ll change things. They’ll overlook some inconvenient facts while promising supporters how fucking great it’ll be when they’re elected. They don’t just make shit up, pander to conspiracy theorists and somehow pull a few million dollars out of stoner zombies and gun-nut paranoids on a goddamned pseudo-holiday from another fucking country....
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Anonymous said...

The "checklist" sounds like it suits the Greens just as well, with "Nader" replacing "Paul."

Anonymous said...

"What do these three things add up to? An absolute fucking inability to engage with reality."

Who do you think would make a better presedent?

"Flip Flop" Scandal Ridden Lying Hillary?

"9/11 Profiteer" Rudy Juliani. He is also at the focal point of 9/11 distrust, unless of course you believe the "9/11 comission report."

The sub-slate of disenfranchised clamoring idiots.

Personally I do not trust any politicians, I assume they are all corrupt, but the "Revolution is with Paul" Dennis Kucinich just joined the Ron Paul Revolution.

My whole family will each be donating $2,300.00 each on the Boston Tea Party day on Dec. 5th.

This is a message of antiestablishmentarianism, the Fleet Enema Washington so desperately needs.

Signed a proud
Paultard, and avid supporter and campaigner of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Gentleman the revolution is all about the Paul Voting Record nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting links:

CT Bob said...

What's with the Kucinich/Paul thing that people are floating all of a sudden? Are the Paulites trying to garner the "Unity 08" nod, by putting Dennis, a proud liberal, on the same ticket with Ron Paul?

Anonymous said...

I am a school teacher of special needs children and I find it disgusting that you use offensive slang for those with "special needs" to create the term "PAULTARD". Any word that demeans those with special needs or the disabled in this negative way is disgusting. Anyone who uses this term should be ashamed, and I urge people to stamp this out

Anonymous said...

In response to "bid", I find it funny that "paultard" is offensive to you... simply because, though you probably didn't mean it, it seems to imply to *me* that the mentally challenged are above Paul supporters, and comparing them is insulting to the mentally retarded.

I know thats not what you meant. But its true. haha.