Monday, June 02, 2008

DiNardo announces her choice


Ms. DiNardo, Chairwoman of the Connecticut Democratic Party, has announced today that she is choosing to vote for Barack Obama.

That brings the total of Connecticut's super delegates to two for Clinton and ten for Obama.

Nancy chose to announce at an especially opportune time; by doing so the day BEFORE the final primaries, her decision won't be lost in the expected flood of super delegates who will probably state their preferences on Wednesday, AFTER South Dakota and Montana. Very shrewd political maneuver, if you ask me. We'll probably see some other delegates follow suit later today.

(And now, in the spirit of party unity, I hereby announce that I take back 83% of the snarky things I've said about Nancy in the last two years; you'll have to figure out for yourselves which things are included in the non-retracted 17%)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BTW, Jane Hamsher's video of disgruntled Clinton supporter Harriet Christian from Manhattan, New York (see post from Saturday below) has gotten around 750,000 hits in less than two days; and it's even being front-paged on Drudge. We can thank Harriet for making the phrase "inadequate black male" an unfortunate addition to the popular lexicon, putting her on the same despicable level as Don Imus.

And I loved the final comment in the video you can just barely hear, about someone saying that "it's good to see mother get some exercise" and Jane's laugh.

I'm sure lots of conservatives are getting tingly feelings in their pants at the prospect of millions of Harriet Christians across the country either staying home on election day or voting for McCain. Let them delude themselves.

The fact is, after Wednesday the Democratic Party is going to come together and be stronger than ever; and once we can fully focus on John Sidney McCain III, his quest for the White House will crash and burn as spectacularly as the Hindenburg.


Bob Symmes said...

I hear Ickes has claimed that 4% of your retracted snarky comments were "stolen"....

It seems quite possible that -- whatever "metric" is used -- Clinton's fuzzy math will be as dead as Kelsey's nuts before the polls close Tuesday.


CT Bob said...

4% "stolen" comments! LOL!