Monday, June 02, 2008

Grandma is unrepentant

Representing the very worst contingent of our party, rabid Clinton supporter Harriet Christian appears on FoxNews with Neil Cavuto and holds fast to her stance that she'll vote for John McCain before Barack Obama in November, and she expands on her terribly uncompromising reasoning why Obama is the worst thing in the known universe; in fact, probably far worse than the New York Yankees right now.

She's obviously the soul-sister of Geraldine Ferraro.

This woman is surely an embarrassment to her grandchildren, who are probably Obama supporters and will now feel obligated to canvass extra hard for him. Kind of like how I feel about my dad; this election day I'm going to nail-gun his door shut so he won't be able to negate my vote for Barack.

Plus, Jane's video has amassed nearly a million hits so far, and it's become a punchline on The Daily Show tonight. Yay Jane!

UPDATE: Here's the video from TDS. Jane's video and Stewart's reaction are near the end.

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Bob Symmes said...

These people represent the bitter fruit sowed by the desperate, scorched-earth campaign waged by the Clinton forces.

If Senator Clinton wants any future for herself, it is incumbent on her to work to repair this damage which her campaign wrought.

However, it is simultaneously incumbent on US to hammer home to many of these voters (it's clearly too late - by about 50 years- for Harriet) the ramifications of a McCain administration (Supreme Court, abortion rights, civil liberties, not to mention Iraq).