Saturday, June 28, 2008

Off sailing

You know, sometimes there ARE things more important to me than politics.

I know that might seem shocking to some of you, but it's true.

When the temps hover around 80 during the day and in the upper 60's at night, and the water in the Sound starts creeping into the mid-60's, it's time to go sailing.

For, like, a week or so.

We have a vague idea of where we might go, but beyond the first day or two in Port Jefferson harbor, we can go anywhere. East to Mattituck, or North to Mystic, or West to City Island, or South to Oyster Bay. The winds and tides will largely influence where we end up.

I can't possibly express how great a feeling that is!

In the meantime, I'm turning off the comments because some people can't behave (don't worry, all those great comments will be back up when I return) so please feel free to read some of these fine blogs:

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  • And you can watch these videos and see why sailing is better than blogging!

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    Adam J Schmidt said...

    I could not agree more - sailing is much better than blogging. What kind of boat do you have?