Friday, June 13, 2008

"I never have been, I never will be..."

John McCain was discussing his stance on privatizing Social Security earlier in the campaign.

However, in a 2004 speech, McCain declared his undeniably strong support of privatization.

Either McCain flip-flopped on the issue, or he's suffering from the acute memory loss consistent with the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Either way, is the the guy you want running your country?


Bob Symmes said...

Jeez, Bob, I dunno...

After 8 years of the ADHD frat boys running things, a President with Alzheimers might actually be an improvement.

Or, would this be 4 more years of a President who doesn't think & doesn't remember anything?

Good sailing day, though

CT Bob said...

Yeah, we're hoping to get out on the water later today. But first I'm off to New Britain to interview Chris Murphy this morning.

Bob Symmes said...

Just got back - went to gardiners bell & back - little too choppy out there, but nice.

CT Bob said...

You mean near Shelter Is.? We'll be heading that way the 2nd week of August. You'll have to let me know what's doing in that area.

We also just got back from a day sail. Only 5-10 kts of breeze, so we had a lazy three hours where the autohelm did most of the work and we enjoyed the sun.

Nice day!