Friday, June 27, 2008

The importance of diplomacy

George Bush has been in talks with North Korea lately, and today the outcome of this diplomacy has resulted in the implosion of a nuclear tower as part of their agreement to end their nuclear program.

I wonder if John "Bomb Iran, Bomb-Bomb Iran" McCain would have simply fired cruise missiles into North Korea instead of going to the negotiating table and trying to come to a peaceful solution? McCain has made much of Barack Obama's statement that he would meet with the Iranian leader to discuss diplomatic solutions with the nation.

Our nation's dreadful failure at diplomacy is apparent in Iraq and elsewhere. The success in North Korea is a sign that diplomacy can work and should be embraced.

Instead, we're faced with the incredible possibility that six months into a McCain presidency, the world will be threatened with the tragic specter of another war with a nation that did little to provoke it except engage in a lot of admittedly awful hawkish rhetoric.

I know I'm being somewhat what Joe Lieberman might refer to as "partisan" here, what with me being one of those loopy people who thinks war is kind of a bad thing and should only be resorted to as the absolute LAST option, but I guess I'm gonna have to deal with that stigma.


Bob Symmes said...

Politicians like JIL who resort to hackneyed buzzwords & phrases do so because they have nothing else to contribute to the national dialogue.

To paraphrase Bierce ("a patriot is a victorious rebel"), a partisan is an adversary who is capable.

CT Bob said...

"JIL". I don't know why that's never occurred to me before. I like it!

So that would make John Sidney McCain "JSM"!

Say it aloud, then make your own jokes.

Bob Symmes said...

I winder which -- ahem -- came first.

If my memory serves, they came simultaneously, in 1982.