Monday, June 09, 2008

Kucinich calls for impeachment yet again

WASHINGTON - Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a former Democratic presidential contender, said Monday he wants the House to consider a resolution to impeach President Bush. Today Rep. Kucinich introduced 35 articles of impeachment.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi consistently has said impeachment was "off the table."

Kucinich, D-Ohio, read his proposed impeachment language in a floor speech. He contended Bush deceived the nation and violated his oath of office in leading the country into the Iraq war.

Kucinich introduced a resolution last year to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. That resolution was killed, but only after Republicans initially voted in favor of taking up the measure to force a debate.
Let's get this thing moving! Last chance to dance, Nance!


Bob Symmes said...

Sadly, I have to agree w/ Pelosi:

1) The worst aspects of politics come to the fore in an impeachment held during a Presidential election. This would only serve to disaffect voters, at a time the Democrats have an energized base;

2) There isn't enough time left to Congress between now & Jan 20th to conduct a proper investigation; a slipshod operation would add to the previous two impeachment farces.

I've turn my hopes to seeing President Obama convene a blue-ribbon pnael, with supoena powers, to fully investigate & report evidence of the many crimes.

Under Obama, the Justice Department will once again pursue justice.

CT Bob said...

I've always been of the opinion that even if we don't have time to fully complete the impeachment process, by starting it now we give Congress the opportunity to authorize investigations and get people to testify. Any information gathered now will be very helpful in going after the guilty parties during Obama's administration.

By forcing Bush's hand in issuing blanket pardons for non-specified crimes (which is exactly what he'll have to do) we will get public opinion turned completely against the administration and the Republicans, and diminish any opportunity for McCain to grasp onto Bush's admittedly tattered coat tails. His funding will dry up faster than that Chinese quake lake they're draining.

Plus, there's the not insignificant matter of justice that might be addressed.

Or, we can just cruise into the election and wait for the tsunami of pardons that will be issued on January 19th. I say we should get the ball rolling now.

Anonymous said...

First point: Any public statements, votes & debates for the last 15 years on iraq would be put on the record for all to see by bush and friends. Being exposed as hypocrites, political oppourtunists and in some case outright liars would hardly be in the democrats best interest. An impeachment catches the publics attention and ALL dirty laundry bush's and the democrats will be laid out. Second point: there is a thing called midterm elections as you are aware of and bogging the country down in that kind of partisan crap will not go over well with voters who want leadership not more divisiveness, problem solving not finger pointing over a war that both parties are ultimately responsible for. Remember the democrats never said no to the war, despite their after the fact claims and the public record to be made at any impeachment attempt will clearly show this. This is why there will never be any formal investigations or charges. Both sides have a lot to lose.

Anonymous said...

I still believe that a President who has done what Bush has to our wonderful country--- along with his side-kicks Cheney and Rove, Rumsfeld and Rice, deserve to have the light shone upon them.

The outing of an ACTIVE CIA operative in Iraq likely got a lot of cooperating people killed. And the yellow-cake plutonium story was a LIE and we have the proof now that Cheney KNEW it was a lie.

They lied their way into a WAR we can now not get out of!

How much more serious do their crimes have to be? More than 4000+ dead kids in Iraq?? OUR kids???

IMPEACH! This is WAY more important than a blue dress!

Bob Symmes said...

As you know, I have long been concerned about what Bush intends to do vis-a-vis his pardon authority...but I don't see how it can be curtailed in the time remaining.

Beyond that, impeachment, while attractive and a satisfying denoument, could occur, but conviction is impossible...where are the 67 Senators?

Let's focus on what we CAN accomplish, then put pressure on for a complete investigation of the soon-to-be former dictator, er, President.

CT Bob said...

Well then, let's just let 'em run the country the rest of the way into the ground. Obviously there's nothing at all we can do before January 20th, so let's all just stick our heads up our asses until it's all over.

Yeah...THAT'LL teach 'em!

Sorry, but we've got this opportunity to do some good RIGHT NOW and at least slow down some of the hemorrhaging that we're suffering. Look, we're not getting anything good done anyway. If we can't break their fucking filibuster in the Senate to curb the obscene profits the oil companies are making off of us, at least we can tie 'em up in the House for the next seven months until we take over.

THEN we can get some legislatin' done!