Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interview with Chris Murphy

Rep. Chris Murphy (CT-5) took time out of his busy weekend schedule to sit for an interview with me this morning. He stayed until I asked all my silly questions, then was off to Waterbury for a meeting and later would appear at a CCAG event, along with a few other stops today.

I was competently assisted by the talented young Spazeboy, who worked the cameras with consummate skill and failed epically to correct me when I repeatedly referred to the I-91 corridor as the "I-95" corridor, because I rarely listen to what I'm saying during an interview as I'm desperately trying to figure out what I'm going to ask next.

Looking at the photo above, I also realized that I need a haircut (and a diet, L-O-L!); and that me hitting the road at 7:30AM on a Saturday for an interview is much too early!

Thanks are owed to Murphy staffers Kristen Bossi and Eamon Welch for their help. The interview will probably be posted online sometime during the next few days, so check back here often; and please visit MurphyForCongress.Org to find out more about this hardworking Congressman.

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CT Bob said...

Thanks, Sue! I'm getting better in front of the camera, which for a video blogger used to holding the camera, it's a big step. I find that actually PREPARING for an interview gives you lot more confidence. I'm hoping my interviewing style is improving, too.

The video should be online as early as late tonight, so you'll be able to judge for yourself.