Saturday, June 21, 2008

Torch relay in Tibet "peaceful"

Of course it is, especially when the Chinese military, not widely known for their restraint or good judgment, is providing security.
LHASA, China (AP) -- The Olympic torch made its way without trouble Saturday through Tibet's sealed-off capital, site of a March crackdown on rioting that helped fuel demonstrations at some of the flame's
I dunno, but the phrase "sealed-off capital" doesn't exactly give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Whenever a government has to seal off a city in order to enact their travesty of an event, it's a bad sign.

I'd complain more about China's invasion and occupation of Tibet, but really, who would take me seriously, especially given George Bush's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq?

It's not like the U.S. enjoys the moral high ground anymore.

Thanks, W.

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Bess said...

Hi there,

I am an intern at CPTV. After seeing your Tibet post I thought you'd like to see the radio and video piece we did on the rally in New Haven. Enjoy!