Friday, July 11, 2008

Dodd being considered for VP nod

Sen. Chris Dodd is admittedly a long shot candidate to be on Obama's ticket, but it's kind of fun to speculate. The story below along with the video is reprinted from CT News Junkie.

However, with Rell's power to appoint a successor to serve the following two years of Dodd's six-year senate term, it doesn't look like a good idea. Dodd should stay where he is for the next two years, but after the 2010 mid-term election where his seat will be up for grabs, THAT would be a good time for Barack Obama to put Dodd's skills and experience to use.

But here we have Dick Blumenthal, the state's Attorney General, sharing the stage with Susan Bysiewicz as some event in the capitol.

And what's with Dick Blumenthal hesitating to make a decision about Lieberman's potential ouster from the Homeland Security Chair?
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency, said Friday at a press conference that if he was advising Sen. Barack Obama, he “would urge him to make Chris Dodd his vice president.”

The Associated Press has reported that Obama’s presidential campaign has requested information from Dodd as part of its search for a possible vice presidential candidate.

“In Connecticut we have a saying, ‘In Dodd We Trust,’” Blumenthal said.

Asked if he would be interested in running for Dodd’s U.S. Senate seat, Blumenthal said, “Of course I have an interest in the senate seat.” Blumenthal then explain that he doesn’t think the Countrywide mortgage issue that has dogged Dodd in recent weeks should be anything more than a “minute blip” on any national candidate’s resume.

As for talk of stripping Sen. Joseph Lieberman of his chairmanship, Blumenthal at first hesitated to answer the question. When pressed again, Blumenthal said he regards Lieberman “as a genuine, personal friend,” adding that he is “not going to issue a judgment.” He said that decision is up to leadership in the U.S. Senate.

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz said Friday at the same press conference that she would be interested in the running for Attorney General or Governor, depending on what the landscape looks like.
Yechh. What kind of true Democrat wouldn't have any opinion about Joe "Bomb the fuckers" Lieberman's status in an important Democratically-controlled position?

Wishy, please meet washy. His name is Dick Blumenthal.


Headless Horseman said...

Yeah, it's a total longshot Bob. How can advocates of change reconcile Dodd on the Obama ticket. Dodd is one of the oldest fixtures on the national political stage. The only change Dodd symbolizes is the changing of an adult diaper.

CT Bob said...

It is a long shot, and I'm not that thrilled about the prospect of Rell appointing someone in his place should he get the nod.

And speaking of adult diapers, you should remember to buy stock in Depends Corp. if your fossilized candidate wins the election. Compared to John McCain, Dodd is a young whippersnapper and an upstart.