Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lee Whitnum on Afghanistan

Candidate in the 4th CD Democratic primary Lee Whitnum rants during the televised debate between her and Jim Himes.

Full disclosue: I am one of the "wined and dined" bloggers Lee refers to in the second video below. I didn't realize I was wrecking the Constitution at the time. I had to drive 85 miles round trip to meet Jim and his family, for which I was treated to a single beer and some potato chips.

But I think the beer was imported, if that counts. It might have been a Rolling Rock though. It was in a green bottle, that much I recall. Somebody stop the presses!

Afghanistan should belong to the Taliban:

It's unconstitutional to talk to bloggers:

WTF! Where is "the healthy separation between press and candidate" written in the Constitution? Is there a page missing somewhere? Somebody's holding out on me! C'mon, I want that missing page, goddammit!

Jesus. And did you hear when she finally got around to answering the question about whether our civil liberties have been compromised, she finally said "I don't think we have given up our civil liberties, that much".

THAT MUCH?!? You're kidding, right? You can't get a "little pregnant", Lee; either our rights ARE compromised or they're NOT! By saying "that much", you're AGREEING with Jim Himes, even if you don't know it. Sheesh!

Holy cow! It's only Wednesday, and it's ALREADY been an incredible week! The debate; Lieberman's rat; Ted Stevens...shit like this makes blogging easy! The blog basically writes itself; all I do is type it in!


CT Bob said...

Not only that, but if you spill any crumbs on the carpet, you'll be asked to leave!

Anonymous said...

did she even understand the civil liberties question? i know how much you hate repubs, bob, but i think id rather have shays than whitnum.

CT Bob said...

I think she ignored the question because she was so focused on getting her agenda out there, no matter what.

And I'd much rather have Himes than Whitnum or Shays.

Anonymous said...

Bob -
Have you been following Doonesbury this week? Blogging content problems is a topic, tied to Obama's trip.
It kicked in yesterday:

CT Bob said...

That's very appropriate.

I don't think I could blog professionally. As bad as the pressure is right now, I can't imagine what Jane or Markos goes through on a daily basis.