Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama in Berlin

Another great speech from Barack Obama. Not only is it inspiring, but it's also a history lesson for many young people who might not be aware of the dramatic story of Berlin's stand against the threat of being overrun by the Communists.

I can't wait for Obama to visit Moscow someday, if only for the fun of being able to parody that great Beatles song:

Barack in the U.S.,
Barack in the U.S.,
Barack in the U.S.S.R.!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for running this. It has restored my enthusiasm for Obama which was lost after FISA.

What a performance! How does he do it? A great, great speech, delivered without notes or a teleprompter. Amazing.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it was amazing.

I know the FISA thing was difficult, and I think I know why he voted that way; but regardless, it's encouraging to know that in spite of his faults, we'll have a president that might approach what we Americans are fond of calling "greatness".

Because, after eight long years of a total dumbell in the White House, we fucking need some greatness!

vagabondblogger said...

I just passed through Frankfurt, on Wedensday, during my trip back to CT, & picked up a Der Spiegel. The cover was Obama, with large lettering "Super Star." He had an amazing showing. I was concerned that there was too much hype, but apparently not.

CT Bob said...

Welcome back home VB, and hope you enjoy your visit!

I like the hype, but I am a bit worried how it might play over here, especially with middle America's general distrust of anything "foreign".

However, the parallels that were drawn to JFK and his famous speech, back at a time when the U.S. truly led the world, has got to strike a positive chord with many Americans.

I think ultimately it'll help Obama, especially if we can get John McCain to visit Berlin and compare his lack of crowds. Everyone loves a winner, and Barack is certainly looking like one lately!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you can be sure that this event will be twisted by the RNC's henchthugs to portray Obama as being like Hitler.
That game has already started. See this posting by dday, picked up from Firedoglake by Kos:

I hope dday is over-reacting, but the Repubs are slipping into panic mode. They have much to fear. McCain has stepped up to call Obama a traitor, willing to lose a war to avoid losing an election. Worse is coming.

CT Bob said...

No question that the Rethugs will work to manufacture fear out of hope. It's what they do, and they're very good at it.

But they are approaching panic mode, and there's little doubt that they'll eventually become overwhelmingly shrill and ridiculous in their efforts to discredit the Democratic movement that's sweeping our nation. They'll even manage to alienate a significant portion of their base if they keep it up.

Yes, it's going to get ugly. But this is one contest where keeping to the high ground is very much an advantage. Let them try their swift-boating tactics this year; we're ready for 'em!

And Jonah Goldberg is a schmuck on wheels. What a putz!