Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Rush to War, Part II

The warhawks are rallying yet again, this time in an effort to provoke a war with Iran. One that will likely benefit both corporate interests and the Republican Party, which knows nothing stirs up patriotic fervor like a war that coincides with a national election.

This week, Bush administration officials rattled their sabers in response to Iran's test firing of several long- and medium-range missiles.

Gee, I wonder why Iran would feel the need to defend itself from potential American aggression?

The worst part is how the assembled media laughed at McCain's horrendous statement.

Here's a candidate who has a good chance of becoming the next president of the United States, and he jokes about bombing Iran and killing Iranians. He's a staunch warhawk who also believes that preemptive war is a sound and reasonable policy. Additionally, he happily envisions occupying Iraq for at least a century.

Is it any wonder that the Iranians fear for their lives and their nation?


Anonymous said...

he made fun of the bush administration... are you so anti-mccain to the point that you'll twist anything he says? this has to be one of the stupidest posts you've ever written.

CT Bob said...

"this has to be one of the stupidest posts you've ever written."

I respectfully beg to differ with you...

I'm positive I've written MANY posts that are WAY stupider than this one!

Adam J Schmidt said...

He's confront by a reporter with a really random fact (exports of cigarettes to Iran have increased) so his first response is a rather amusing quip. I don't see why this is inappropriate. Did you not think it was funny?

CT Bob said...

Sure, it's entirely appropriate for a potential world leader to joke about killing innocent civilians in a nation that we don't have the best relations with.

Because, you know, it's all a big fucking joke to McCain. Ha ha.

Adam J Schmidt said...

He was joking about cigarettes... there's no way that could be misinterpreted as a threat.

CT Bob said...

Well, that doesn't really matter.

He was joking about his joy at the prospect of many Iranians dying.

Imagine if he said something like that about the people of ANY other nation.

He took the shot because, in his mind, the Iranians are an easy target; and besides, they deserve to die for having leaders that don't agree with everything Bush/Cheney says.

Sorry, but with the tremendous talents of speechwriters available to McCain, he should seriously consider not saying ANYTHING that isn't written down for him.

Anonymous said...

bob, its clear your hate for mccain has overcome any rational thinking you had. this isnt anti-iranian. shouldnt you be mad at the tobacco companies or bush administration instead of mccain? does it seem logical that our exportation has increased ten fold under the bush administration? no. do we have bad relations with iran? yes. mccain is trying to make sense of something that doesnt make sense in a joking fashion.