Friday, March 26, 2010

Candidate Videos...All Of Them

One of the biggest concerns I hear from people about politics is that they rarely get to listen to the candidates talk at length about the issues. Too often, all we get are clever sound bites or heavily slanted political ads rather than simply the opportunity to listen to them talk.

Since January I've taped all the candidates that showed up at our Democratic Town Committee meetings and uploaded them to Youtube. Now I've collected all the videos and placed them on the right sidebar in chronological order for easy reference.

As I make more videos I'll post them at the top of the list. What you'll see is simply the candidates speaking and answering questions. I won't add any spin or "creatively edit" the videos in any way. I feel that this year's election is so important that we need voters to make their decisions based on how they directly perceive the qualities of the candidates, not who has the best ad agency making their commercials. What you will see here is simply what happened.

Which isn't to say that I won't continue to have some fun making my usual silly videos when the urge strikes, but none of those will find a home on that list on the right side of this page. You can use this page as a reference to see and hear what the candidates say in as unfiltered a format as possible.

Please copy and forward the links to the individual videos, and feel free to send your friends to for the latest candidate videos posted as they become available!

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tessa said...

And it wouldn't hurt a bit if your friends could donate a few bucks via paypal, since CT Bob is so generous with his time and (ahem) intellect.

After all, it is nearly time to get the boat spiffed up for the season and barnacle scrapers don't grow on Connecticut Mountain Laurels.