Saturday, March 06, 2010

Larry Kirwan and Black 47

Musician and author Larry Kirwan will be doing a reading from his new novel, "Rockin' The Bronx", at the Labyrinth Bookstore (Google map) 290 York St. in New Haven at 6PM Thursday March 11th and then playing with Black 47 at Toads later in the evening for an 8:30PM show.

Here's a video I shot back in 2007 with a crappy Fuji digital camera. Notice the extremely clever way I spliced in a second angle during the chorus to make it look like a fancy two-camera shoot. Yes, I'm that good! Hell, I won't be surprised if you can't hear the music over the thundering sound of my overwhelming awesomeness!


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CT Bob said...

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Picky Eater said...

HA! Spammer comeback=win. Thanks for the memories of the Fairfield show. Looking forward to seeing you, Tessa, Larry & the band on Thursday night!

CT Bob said...

Maura, it's gonna be great to see you too! But I hope the band doesn't play too late, or I'll have to skip it.