Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kucinich changes vote to Yes

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a man I greatly respect, has held out for a better health care reform bill for a long time now. He's one of the strongest supporters of government sponsored health care, which in a nation as wealthy as the USA, should have been enacted decades ago.

So the bill is now at a point where he feels, even though it isn't perfect, it's still a big step in the right direct. And Dennis has chosen to support it.

The vote for the final House version of the bill will likely take place this weekend. All our Congressmen NEED to hear from you regarding how you feel about health care reform. Their vote will depend on who they hear from in their districts. Contact them at these numbers and let them know that you support health care reform legislation:
Congressman John Larson (CT-1) Hartford (860) 278-8888 Washington (202) 225-2265

Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-2) Norwich (860) 886-0139 Washington (202) 225-2076 Enfield (860) 741-6011

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-3) New Haven (203)562-3718 Washington (202) 225-3661 Derby (203) 735-5005 Middletown (860) 344-1159 Naugatuck (203) 729-0204 Stratford (203) 378-9005

Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) Bridgeport/Stamford (866) 453-0028 Washington (202) 225-5541

Congressman Chris Murphy (CT-5) New Britain (860) 223-8412 Washington (202) 225-4476 Meriden (203) 630-0815 Danbury (203) 798-2072


lakezoarian said...

I'm so sorry, Bob, breaks my heart to go ahead and write this, but here goes...


Absolutely BIZARRE! What the hell happened on Air Force One the other day???

And his stated reason? A belief that the legitimacy of Obama's presidency might be on the line. WTF!

"I left [our previous meeting] with a real sense of compassion for our president and what he's going through," Kucinich said. "We have to be compassionate towards those who are called upon to make decisions for this nation. It's not an easy burden that he has taken up."

"One of the things that has bothered me," Kucinich added, "has been the attempt to delegitimatize his presidency. That hurts the nation when that happens. He was elected...this is a defining moment for whether or not we'll have any opportunity to move off square one on the issue of health care.... I think it's important that--we have to be very careful that the potential of President Obama's presidency not be destroyed by this debate."

Anyone check for a glassy look in his eyes, or needlemarks? This is they guy that was holding out for the real prize? Jane Hamsher must be throwing plates and saucers against the wall this morning to attempt to control her rage...

Even "CIA" Markos weighs in:

And here's the juciest link of all, are you reading, Dennis?:

I won't be calling those numbers, unless it's to say to hold out for a single-payer system like other 1st world countries have. Have we all seen "Sicko" yet?

CT Bob said...

Holy crap, willyloman is one pissed-off dude!

Trust me, I'm not happy about the current bill, but if we don't get something passed, we'll never get another chance. Clinton was in the White House for 8 years, but after 93/94 we never had another opportunity to pass health care. Hopefully they'll be able to fix it later.

JTHM said...

I hear that Dennis became an offical "Mile High Club" member.

CT Bob said...

Heh. I'm sure it's happened plenty aboard Air Force One. After all, Kissinger is the guy who said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. You think he was talking about banging an assistant in a Marriott somewhere?