Monday, March 15, 2010

Lee Whitnum joins senate race

Posted without comment, from her website
Today, March 10, 2010, Lee Whitnum announced her candidacy for the United States Senate for the State of Connecticut. Whitnum, shown center with Senator Dodd during the J-Street lobbying effort in October, 2009. "Our meeting with Dodd was so disappointing, it was instrumental in my decision to run." J-Street is committed to peace in the Middle East. "Israel's decision yesterday, to build 1,600 more settlement homes, in defiance of our President, was also crucial to my decision. Our president will need Senators who are willing to stand next to him as he faces the greatest challenge of his presidency."

In 2008, Whitnum ran for congress in the fourth Congressional District in Connecticut.

Lee's latest book (due out in May, 2010): Anti-AIPAC not Anti-Semitic: A Patriot’s Guide to Breaking the Israel Lobby’s Control.

She is the author of two novels: Hedge Fund Mistress, a mainstream novel. And, What About the Dead? A young adult novel.

Harvard University – a Master’s degree (edm.) in Administration, Planning and Social Policy
University of Maryland, BS – Computer Science

Whitnum lives in Greenwich, CT is a never-married, single woman.
Okay I lied, I will comment. Her announcement doesn't specify any party, but in 2008 Whitnum ran as a Democrat against Jim Himes, losing the Democratic primary to him by a humongous margin.

(...and that's the first time I've used the word "humongous" in a blog post. Thank god for spell check!)


Nopartisan said...

Also if I remember correctly, despite the claim in the title of her new book, she is a virulent anti semite.

EmersonLakeandPalmer said...

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside come inside!

CT Bob said...

Damn, I haven't even thought of that song in probably 20 years!

EmersonLakeandPalmer said...

What a lucky man you are