Sunday, March 21, 2010

HCR vote schedule

The House will finally vote on health care reform today, via FireDogLake:
"...will begin around 2:00 pm ET. Three votes – potentially four – will be taken. First there will be a vote on the rule, with an hour of debate on it. Expect a vote around 3:00 ET. Then there will be two hours of debate on the reconciliation bill. That will get a vote around 5:00 ET. There would be no debate in between the reconciliation bill and the Senate bill, which would happen around 5:30 ET. If there is a motion to recommit, that would get sandwiched in before the vote on the reconciliation bill."
I would imagine most of the news channels will cover the important moments, and of course there's always C-SPAN online.

If there's any change in the schedule I'll try to update it here.

9:15PM UPDATE: Well, obviously Congressional time runs only about half as fast as time passes for us out here in the real world. I'm guessing they'll finally get to vote on the Senate bill around 10PM and maybe the reconciliation bill by 11PM. Hopefully.


oldswede said...

The Democrats are moving ahead towards the future in normal, real time. The Republicans are pushing backwards to the past.
Since there are more Democrats, things move forward, but slowly.
The Republican efforts create this half-fast time.
But, yes we can.
Why aren't the Republicans overwhelmed with joy now that their prediction for the demise of the Democrats is about to happen?
Could that maybe, possibly have been just a bluff? No kidding.


carterman said...

It is amazing that when the history books are written on this subject they are going to say that the Republican party was 100% opposed to the law. While some of there ideas were incorporated into the legislation, they did not support it and they did everything possible to keep it from the American people.

West Haven Bob said...

Yeah, but you can be sure they'll take credit for it anyways.