Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jim Himes on the HCR bill

Rep. Jim Himes (CT-4) addressed Congress today in a one-minute speech in support of health care reform. From Jim's Youtube channel:
As Congress awaits the final vote on health care reform, Rep. Jim Himes (CT-4) gives a statement on the House floor urging his colleagues to join him in supporting the bill. Here Himes discusses the moral imperative of reform.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how all the voters on the gold coast,single making 200k married 250k, will like Himes after being taxed almost 4 percent on unearned income.

CT Bob said...

They'll get over it. If you want a hardship story, read "The Grapes of Wrath".

Anonymous said...

Bad analogy.
It would be unpractical and expensive for each household to have their own firetruck, fire suits, and guaranteed ability to fight the fire if they're within the house.

It is NOT unpractical for each person to make his own healthcare arrangements.