Sunday, March 07, 2010

A clueless Republican in 4th CD race

CTBob: Dan Debicella may be trying to capitalize on some Tea Bagger-esque anti-Congress feelings, but that doesn't hide the fact that the guy is absolutely clueless when it comes to the facts! He even contradicts his OWN Governor.

Judging from his fundamental comprehension problems, the 4th CD is in DEEP trouble if this guy somehow manages to slither into office!

(reposted from the New Canaan Democrats)

Debicella vs. Rell
by David Kostek

Last week, the New Canaan Republican Town Committee endorsed Dan Debicella of Shelton in the race to challenge Congressman Jim Himes. Debicella responded to the news of receiving New Canaan GOP support, and took the opportunity to demonstrate how little he knows about the work of Congress:
“Every family should ask themselves, ‘What have I gotten from the stimulus?’ and the answer from almost everyone is nothing,” Debicella said.
That comment is amazing. Let’s contrast it with the comments of Governor Rell, who has to actually govern:
Quarterly review of federal stimulus funds and the initiatives they support show gains in jobs created and retained as well as a dramatic increase in spending for assistance programs, health and welfare services, the environment and crime prevention, Governor M. Jodi Rell said today.

“We have been able to keep thousands of people working, particularly in education, and provide safety nets for those who have lost their jobs in this unstable economy,” Governor Rell said.
Crime prevention. Keeping your neighbors in jobs. Keeping your schools staffed properly. Extending unemployment benefits. Oh, and providing a $275 BILLION income tax cut to 95% of American tax payers. In the face of these documentable facts, Debicella claims that families in Fairfield county got “nothing.”

Let’s do some REAL numbers for Dan (again, all reported to the governor by state agencies in her Republican administration):
* Jobs created/retained – 6,184 (up from 6,110 in October)
* Unemployment benefits – $1.1 billion
* Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program – $59 million
* General Assistance – More than 7,400 home-delivered meals to Connecticut senior citizens
* Health – 5,000 additional rotavirus vaccinations administered to children
* Public Safety – 130 Internet Crimes against Children cases have been opened, more than doubling the number (54) in October; 10 full-time forensic officers have been hired; 6,369 DNA profiles have been processed, compared to 39 in October
* Energy and the Environment – 90 more Department of Transportation trucks have been retrofitted to reduce diesel emissions (bringing the total to 140); 700 more housing units have received energy audits through the Weatherization Program and 180 units have been weatherized
Debicella offers nothing more that GOP talking points. Congressional Democrats offer real solutions to real problems. If you can’t even SEE the problems people face, Dan, you don’t deserve to represent them.


Nopartisan said...

You can call him clueless, but in reality he is just full of crap. Rather than just distorting or even lying, he should just tell the truth. Acknowledging some sucess with the stimulus would show a sense of fairness and ability to work in a non hyperpartisan way.

As to the stimulus bill itself, I think it did help but probably not enough to justify the cost. And one argument made in favor of it, that it would keep unemployment no higher than 8% was grossly wrong.

As to Democrats and their ideas, well results are all we care about and the picture isn't to pretty. They talk the same talk that the republicans did for a decade or so, but sadly the results are the same even with complete control in DC.

Blaming republicans just won't cut it with voters this time around as Americans just want results not excuses, not finger pointing but JOBS.

oldswede said...

The stimulus funds are still being distributed. This is a very large, on-going process. Sadly, Americans have no patience and little interest in learning about government.
See - Track the Money for lots of details.

VizierVic said...

I suspect that Debicella is perfectly aware that his talking points resonate with folks in places like Saugatuck, where I campaigned for Himes in 2008. You wouldn't believe the number of folks who called me a commie or worse. This was from folks whose homes lie right on the Long Island Sound and which I'm sure were insured with Federally sponsored socialist flood insurance. I'm sure they couldn't begin to appreciate the irony, although I'm sure they do appreciate the premium reduction.

Debicella is basically saying that the stimulus didn't do anything to lower the taxes on his bases's dividend and interest payments, so what good is it. That's what would capture the attention of the parasites he calls his base.