Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Photo exhibit displays Connecticut politicians

Connecticut photographer Tim Coffey currently has an exhibit of his unique portraits of 55 past and present Connecticut politicians at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

When I'd asked her if she'd seen it yet, Christine Stuart from CT News Junkie raved about the exhibit, so I decided to help publicize it. Click the image above to enlarge it and get an idea of the portraits exhibited.

From a press release:
Stamford Photographer Tim Coffey has photographed 55 of the state’s leading politicians for a photography exhibit that will open Monday, March 1st at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford . The title of the exhibit is "The Art of Politics". Included in the exhibit is Connecticut’s full Congressional delegation and many of the state’s leaders from both political parties.

Dodd, Fedele, Lieberman, McKinney , Blumenthal, Cafero, Bysiewicz, McMahon, Malloy, Weicker, and Lamont are just some of the politicians Coffey photographed. (See below for the full list of those who participated.)

Over a three month span, Coffey made repeated trips to Hartford and traveled to various towns and cities throughout the state to take the portraits. Each politician is dramatically lit against a black background. Unique to this exhibit, Coffey asked each politician questions about today’s political landscape. A quote from each is included with each portrait.
The exhibit runs from now through March 12th. The LOB is open weekdays 8 am to 5 pm. (It is not open on weekends this time of year.) The exhibit is hung in the Upper Concourse, the long corridor which connects the LOB to the Capitol building.

There is a stand alone website for the exhibit: This is a way for more people to see the exhibit who might have a tough time traveling to Hartford.


Nopartisan said...

Rather than being exhibited in Hartford, the exhibit should be posted in Police stations and Post offices. That is where most wanted criminal lists are displayed.

lakezoarian said...

I just checked out the web gallery. His lighting style emulates the work of Yousuf Karsh:

I was amused that he led off the series with the despicable Joe Lieberman, and the attached quote is hilariously arrogant. I'm not sure the photo captures the essence of that man (which is what Karsh was most famous for), but the caption sure does!

CT Bob said...

nopartisan - LOL!

LZ - I'm thinking of compiling the very best quotes for a follow up article.