Monday, February 14, 2011

This sure ain't gonna help Baba-booey!

Howard Stern's on-air producer, Gary Della'bate, is seeking a position on Greenwich's Parks & Recreation Committee. A Greenwich RTM member, Coline Jenkins, spoke up against the appointment, citing Mr. Booey's participation in on-air stunts that aren't exactly family friendly.

From the CT Post:
A Representative Town Meeting member who called Stern's satellite radio show offensive to women says she found a bag of fecal matter in her mailbox Sunday with an anonymous note attached.

"Ha Ha!! U Stink!!! Go Howard!" the note read, according to a copy provided to Greenwich Time by Coline Jenkins.

"On Monday, I will bring the bag of feces and anonymous note to the postmaster of Old Greenwich and file a criminal complaint, as it is a federal offense to tamper with the mail," Jenkins wrote to fellow RTM members of District 6/Old Greenwich.

Well, that sure ain't gonna help Gary in staid old Greenwich!

I have some experience with small town politics, when after a year of exemplary service to the City as a member of the MGAT committee to help provide government access TV to cable subscribers, I was unceremoniously dumped from the committee by the Republican dominated Board of Aldermen. With no warning or reason given, and not even a word to the committee chairman that they were considering it.

So I'm sure I'll be able to sympathize with Gary if he doesn't get the position he's seeking.

There is a positive side here, though...

Nobody ever put doody in anyone's mailbox because of me!


tessa said...

You and I make our own doody.

The phrase is:
"Don't $h!+ where you live"

CT Bob said...

Tessa, remember that you're totally allowed to say "shit" on my blog.

(Apparently I DO "shit" where I live! LOL!)

carterman said...

lol. Who doesn't shit where they live? I try to not shit where I eat and visa-vesa.

CT Bob said...

And shitting the nest or the bed is definitely a no-no.

OK, I think we've got it all sorted out now.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

How would tell the difference between what was in the bag and Howard himself?

CT Bob said...

Ah, but there IS no difference!

In fact, she could have said that someone left a bag of Howard in her mailbox! LOL

tessa said...

I am sorry to hear that it was subject to a tax. IE, not "doody-free"

ok Now I am done as well.

CT Bob said...