Monday, February 28, 2011

Interview with Chris Murphy

I met with Rep. Chris Murphy at his New Britain campaign HQ last Friday to discuss current issues, including his recent decision to run for the Senate.

If you're interested in specific issues I raised with Rep. Murphy, you can jump to the approximate spot on the timeline (in minutes:seconds) shown below. But of course I want you to watch the entire interview, so be patient (it runs about 27 minutes).

00:01 Introduction and decision to run for Senate
02:20 Supreme Court ethics legislation
05:10 March 4th deadline to pass Federal funding bill
06:40 House Speaker John Boehner
07:45 Patriot Act re-authorization vote
09:20 Wisconsin governor's actions re: unions
14:47 Getting manufacturing back in Connecticut
17:16 Trade agreements; NAFTA
18:55 Uprisings in the Middle East
22:05 Sensible gun laws
24:55 When Congress reconvenes this week
27:06 Wrap up

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Anonymous said...

I'm writing this comment on Thursday morning. I notice that, although CT_Bob usually gets several comments to almost all of his posts, no one wanted to discuss Murphy. I really don't either, except to say that I'm not buying his explanation of his vote to extend the absolutely unconstitutional "Patriot Act." I wonder when he quit working for US, and started channelling Nancy Johnson?

Here's a link that might be relevant:

At least State is willing to PAY $$$

CT Bob said...

Murphy's vote on the Patriot Act extension upset a lot of us lefties. I'm a bit skeptical that the GOP-led House is gonna ever revamp the law as long as we keep extending it.

But I'm willing to give him this one benefit of a doubt. Cappiello wouldn't have hesitated for a second to vote for it were he elected. If the PA reauthorization comes around again without the changes we want, I fully expect Murphy to vote against it.

The new proposal for Supreme Court ethics is long overdue, and I was pleased to see him help draft that bill.

Al-Jazeera is one of the places I go whenever something happens in the Mid-East. Their streaming video is often way more informative than our domestic media.

Anonymous said...

this entire interview was boring, sorry Murph.