Saturday, February 20, 2016

Clinton & Trump winners today

The Nevada Democratic caucus was held today, and the latest count (8:05PM) shows Hillary Clinton defeating Bernie Sanders 52.5% to 47.4%. Clinton was the favorite in Nevada, but the margin is probably much closer than she was hoping for. Especially after being trounced in the New Hampshire primary.

It seems the trend is for party caucuses to support Hillary, while the primaries (which technically include ALL registered Democrats) are trending for Bernie. Of course, the big test for Sanders will be next week's South Carolina primary, where Clinton holds a lead of roughly 24% in an aggregate of recent polls. If he doesn't make significant inroads into that lead, he may find himself falling behind a surging Hillary Clinton.

If however, Sanders DOES manage to cut into Clinton's lead and make a respectable showing, we will likely have a spirited race going into the Super Tuesday trove of primaries on March 1st.

In South Carolina, Donald Trump cruised easily to a primary victory, with a solid 12% lead at press time (more like 10% at 11:30PM, but still a good butt-kicking). CNN is headlining the fact that there's an exciting race for 2nd place, but I've never understood that kind of thinking. 2nd place is 1st place LOSER! Being 2nd or 3rd or last doesn't mean much, because you LOST! It's just dumb to think about it.

I still don't quite understand the Trump phenomenon, except that there is such a HUGE dearth of good candidates on the GOP side that someone like Trump naturally rose to the lead. This probably would have been a GREAT year for Ross Perot, if he only had a time machine/deep freeze spaceship that he went into in 1992 and emerged in 2016, sort of like Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers". And he never had a tenth of the disgustingness that just oozes out of the Republican frontrunner.

I'm 100% sure that Trump will eventually implode because of the sheer gravity of his stupidity. He will morph into a black hole and collapse like a neutron star into himself and end up as a singularity (I've been reading too much science fiction lately!)

So maybe, it WILL matter who finishes 2nd or 3rd on the GOP side.

Hey, we all know the Republicans NEVER have a problem settling for 2nd or 3rd best!

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