Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday Night Music Club v.42

Yes, I know it's a busy time for politics!

That's exactly why I put up a fun song, because we all need a break now and again.

Last night was a doozy, with the GOP debate (I'll have some observations probably on Twitter and/or Facebook later today, before I watch the 1% Bowl; excuse me, the Super Bowl...) And Bernie Sanders was on SNL, but I fell asleep immediately after the monologue, so I'll have to watch it this morning.

Smash Mouth's retro pop hit "Walkin' On The Sun" is a favorite. Especially their wonderfully nostalgic music video.

But when I see the song's title, I often think of Christopher Walken being incinerated while traipsing on the sun. Maybe the song needs more cowbell!

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