Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Dixville Notch results are in!

Reporting minutes after midnight, ConnecticubBob.com is proud to be the FIRST blog in the universe to give the results of the first town in New Hampshire's primary!

Trump 2
Kasich 3

Sanders 4
Clinton 0

Clearly, Bernie Sanders will be our next president if every other voter in the United States meets with some sort of horrific accident and can't vote!

Four are registered Republican, 4 are Independent and 1 is a Democrat. So, the important non-affiliated vote went 4 for Sanders and 1 for a Republican. This doesn't matter, like, at all. Never did, never will. Dixville Notch is just a bit of Americana that we can all smile about and then get on to the serious business of making snarky comments about the election!

Stay tuned to ConnecticutBob.com for more results as they come in!

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