Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Just after midnight, it looks like Donald Trump has won his third straight contest, after his only loss, which was a close one in Iowa.

The Nevada Republican caucuses gave Trump a victory, and is well on its way to showing that the present-day GOP is a party of extremists and lunatics.

To think, the very BEST that the Republicans have to offer is someone like Donald Trump! I'd laugh, but then again, this is the party that nominated a Hollywood actor to become it's leader and sainted past president. Who knows what they're capable of?

Anyway, going into Super Tuesday next week Trump has a huge amount of popular support, although the GOP still seems somewhat reticent to fully back him. Jeb Bush pulled out of the running this week and didn't will his resources to Trump. The party may be mounting an ABT strategy (Anybody But Trump).

The Republican delegate count going into Nevada stands at Trump 67, Cruz 11, and Rubio 10. Nevada will award 30 delegates proportionally to the votes received tonight. 1,237 delegates are needed to win the nomination.

Next up: Super Tuesday, March 1st. Featuring the following contests:

Alaska Republican caucuses
Colorado caucuses
Minnesota caucuses
North Dakota Republican caucuses
Wyoming Republican caucuses

I think we can safely say Cruz will definitely win Texas, and Sanders Vermont. Beyond that, this primary season is looking really wild! The results of next weeks contests will go a long way to shaking out the Republican field, and showing if Sanders has the popularity to stay in the race. Stay tuned!

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