Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Keeping Up With The Counts

Here's a couple super-useful links for politics junkies like me! Real Clear Politics has running totals of the delegate counts, along with details about each primary contest.

Click on Republican Delegate Counts to see how quickly Trump is wrapping up the nom.

Click on Democratic Delegate Count to see the numbers that includes those absolutely stupid and anti-democracy super-delagate numbers.

I won't mince words; I think it's a ridiculous system and it damages the idea of a democratic process and ultimately hurts the efforts to bring new voters into the party. What millennial, voting for maybe the very first time, would care about a primary if roughly 20% of the total vote (usually more than enough to overcome any popular vote margin) is reserved for party insiders and power brokers? It's just dumb, and you all know it.

Even the Hillary supporters, who stands to benefit from this system.

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