Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Crashing the Gate" now in paperback

You've put it off long enough. I know how easy it is to pass on buying a hardcover book. I'm cheap, too.

(But I did buy one; and for full retail, even!)

Now you don't have ANY excuse not to buy the book that fueled the Progressive Revolution!

Right now "Crashing the Gate" is available from Chelsea Green Publishing for a 20% discount (click on link to order or learn more). It only costs a smidgen over ten bucks! You know you want it.

Plus, you get this fine bumper sticker below, "Progressives Haul Ass". Wear it proudly on your car or on your ass; it's a great way to piss off the Neo-Cons!

And here's an added bonus: If you order a book right now, you can watch this exclusive interview below of Jerome and Markos recorded in New Haven the day after Ned Lamont's stunning showing at the State Democratic Convention!

(Well, I guess you can watch it even if you don't buy the book, but you'll feel guilty, so just buy the book. You'll feel better about yourself and you'll erase some of that awful karma you have leftover from the time years ago that you voted for Joe Lieberman.)


PamB said...

This book contained one of the clearest explanations for what has happened over the last 40 years, and what Dems have to do to recover that I have read to date.

I highly recommend it.

ctkeith said...

The Chapter on the Dem consultants and how they've robbed of us our money our soul and most importantly of Victory alone makes the book worth the price.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I think that was Richard Goodstein's favorite chapter, too.

Anonymous said...

Bob, thanks! You spurred me to make the purchase, also throwing in Mission Rejected [Peter Laufer, who was on C-span books late Sat., about enlisted people refusing to deploy].

Thanks again for all your great work!


CT Bob said...

That's awesome J! It's really more than a good read; it's a playbook on how to get the nation back on track.

Anonymous said...

I feel entitled to watch the video since I bought the "Progressive Partner" hardcover edition before the book even hit the shelves. So there.


CT Bob said...

OK pattyp, you get a pass.

Everyone else...cough up for a book! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I nominate this book as the official obituary of the Democratic Party. Markos, you've out done yourself this time.

Blue Turned Red said...


I suggest you read 'Minority Party, Why Democrats Face Defeat in 1992 and Beyond' by Peter Brown. It's not new, but the points are still valid today. Bill Clinton followed this guy's suggestions and won. It's the only book out there that has had a real recipe for successs.