Monday, September 25, 2006

Ned's roundtable at Naples

We're back where it all started. Naples Pizza in New Haven.

Ned delivered his response to Joe Lieberman's "Stay The Course" speech today in an unique and open roundtable style. I videotaped the entire event, and hope to have edited highlights online later this evening.

That's my little camera tucked into the tiny spot between all the big dogs (CNN, WTNH, WFSB, NBC30, etc.) and my mic was on a little tripod off to the right of the others.

I guess I'm going to have to make one of those will microphone signs, so when I place the mic right in front of Ned, all the TV cameras will see ""! (Photo by Tim Tagaris)


Anonymous said...

No minorities again! Does lamont see only white people?

Anonymous said...

I am an African American and I understand the last comment, however because death is permanent and because some of those dying in Iraq are African American I do not believe race is the issue here. The issue is not even the war. The issue is that the war was not warranted, based on a lie and we are weaker militarily for it. Sure Lamont is not the best candidate but other than one other person ( who I believe is a professor) he had the guts to at least challenge Lieberman. I only wish I had done it first. Lets get Joe out then have a dialogue on how good Ned is for any race. We all deserve a chance. Not in love with Ned but once again death is permanent and too many deaths have occurred in the wrong country based on a lie. I am with Lamont. At least until he tales office then we will scrutinize his actions.

CT Bob said...

I'll leave that first comment up because the second comment is very interesting and thought-provoking.

But anonymous #1, don't post something like that again without elaborating. I'll be happy to give you a forum if you don't behave like a race-baiting asshole. Hit and run remarks like that are the benchmark of a loser and a chump.