Thursday, May 03, 2007

A study in mediocrity: The Republican Debate

I'm watching the debate right now. Hearing all these cheap politicians invoking the name of Ronald Reagan as if he were Jesus Christ is making me ill.

I guess the Iran-Contra affair, "Reaganomics", the Beruit debacle, increasing the national debt nearly 50-fold ($94 billion to $4.3 TRILLION), the support of dictators like Marcos, Rios-Montt, Duarte, Duvalier, and Saddam Hussein, firing all the air-traffic controllers, and setting up the savings and loan disaster are ALL solid Republican values.

God help us if any of these guys move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January, 2009.


vagabondblogger said...

Hey, my son and husband swear that ketchup is a vegetable - another great idea from the Reagan administration. My favorite though, since I was a social worker, was their concern for life started at conception and ended at birth.

CT Bob said...

"...their concern for life started at conception and ended at birth."

Sadly, that's still a primary Republican "value".

Anonymous said...

A social worker who is perturbed by the right to life is like a luby's waiter who wants to rally for euthanasia. Their jobs could be, like, so much easier.

Anonymous said...

I heard that all the candidates quit hours after the election and they all are getting behind a Draft Reagan movement. One went so far as volunteering to dig up the corpse. They must have come to the same realization I did and that is a Dead Reagan is better than anything they were going to offer.

vagabondblogger said...

vooos: I didn't say I had a with problem the "right to life" - I consider that a woman's right to choose, it's a personal choice. You can choose life - isn't that what all the ads say? What I implied was that the Republicans only care about a child in the womb, but don't give a damn about it's welfare once it's born. Your comparison is pretty funny, though.