Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Congratulate an Aussie

Yay! Australia! Oi Oi Oi!

We have a lot more in common with our antipodal cousins who reside in that wonderful land down under than you might think.

For instance:

- We want change, and they want change.

- We want to bring our troops home, and they want to bring their troops home.

- We want to fight global warming, and they want to fight global warming.

The difference is, they DID something about it. They defeated John Howard's Liberal Party (not what we'd consider liberal here), and voted for Kevin Rudd's Labor Party.

Kevin Rudd, the new Australian Prime Minister, has sworn to make it a priority to bring their troops home from Iraq, and sign onto the Kyoto Protocol. Now, the United States is isolated as the only developed nation which has not agreed to the pact.

So, to reach out to our neighbors down under and let them know we appreciate what they're doing, let's all do the following:

Congratulate an Aussie Blogger this week!

Go to this link "Australian Blogs" and peruse the list to find a suitably progressive blog. Then post a comment telling them how much you admire their nation's efforts to set things right and bring about the changes that were so sorely needed.

Then comment about your experience here or email me about it. I'd love to post a follow-up in about a week or so to share your stories.

(The blog I chose welcomed my comment and is listing Connecticut Bob on their blogroll, and I'm linking to them; you'll be able to figure out who it is by their name!)

And here's a couple of 1980's vintage music videos to celebrate their culture. Sadly, I can't think of any newer music from Oz, but I'm sure it's good. Feel free to post links to good new Aussie music.

Oh, and you guys can have Rupert Murdoch back...he's worn out his welcome here.

Men at Work - "Land Down Under"

Midnight Oil - "Beds Are Burning"

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