Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Kiss: Part Deux?

Will Joe Lieberman show some love to John McCain?
Stay tuned...

Yes, he did...a big, sloppy one.


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, Connecticut MUST adopt a recall provision to get rid of Lieberman before his six-year term is up. If and when the Dems get a larger majority in the U.S. Senate, Traitor Joe (GOP-Likud) will switch parties just before he's handed his hat as committee chairman.

CT Bob said...

I wish there was some way we could get a recall provision, but it'll never happen. Not a chance. What we need to do is elect true Democrats in the future, rather than partisan hacks like Lieberman.

And we need our Democrats in the Senate to start behaving like Democrats, not the spineless jellyfish they've been for the last year.