Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pub Quiz photos

Last night's "Pub Quiz Part Deux" was a lot of fun. Maura's questions ranged in degree of difficulty from esoteric to you gotta be shittin' me! but we all had a good time anyway. The beer flowed nicely, which is to be expected from a nice Irish pub like Murphy's Law; and there were plenty of tasty munchables, too.

Branford Boy (representing his team, the "My Left Nutmeg Old Farts") spent a good portion of the evening muttering one-liners in response to many of the questions.

Here's some random photos. Sorry I couldn't get more good ones, but I was the A/V geek last night and needed to work the techie stuff.

Jim Himes addresses the room, with CGG, Gabe, and Irish Patti in the foreground.

Maura asks her questions. Did I mention that some of them were a bit difficult? None the less, she did a great job emceeing and running the event.

A crowd of roughly 40 contestants listens raptly.

CGG (Melissa) was instrumental in getting so many people to the event tonight.

Between quiz rounds, Jim enjoys a beverage while discussing 4th CD issues with Fairfield Rep. Tom Drew.

Branford Boy celebrates his team's come from behind victory. See what happens when you make goofy faces at my camera?

Speaking of goofy, here's your humble narrator hamming it up, with his lovely, somewhat less-goofy wife CT Joyce.

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