Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rell sets election to fill DeLuca's (cement) shoes

(From Capitol Watch, via CT Local Politics)
He's officially gone as of yesterday, and Governor Rell set the special election for Senator DeLuca's vacated seat in the 32nd Senate District for January 15th.

As you probably know, Sen. DeLuca resigned after a scandal in which he was going to allegedly have some alleged mobsters pay a visit to his alleged granddaughter's husband and allegedly beat him up.


So, here's a video, which is a completely fictional parody of how the alleged Senator may have spent his alleged last day in office. This video bears no resemblance whatsoever to any persons living or dead or alleged.

(Kindly don't whack me)


aussiecynic said...

Hi there Bob
Aussie cynic here... thanksfor the comment... I am looking forward to you guys getting the same chance we now have good luck with it...
In true Aussie style we had a BBQ and Beers to celebrate...
I love your blog... very nice content.... I am putting my mlog list together at present and will add yours with your permission....
let me know... btw very good video

CT Bob said...

Thanks Aussie Cynic! Feel free to add me to the list.

I'm going to start an effort to get American bloggers to thank Australian bloggers for voting John Howard out and making a progressive candidate the PM, someone who won't be Bush's lapdog anymore.

Look for a post about that soon.

aussiecynic said...

no problem Bob... all is good and now we have even ratyfied Kyoto thats got to make Bush squirm just a little....heheheh
Feel free to stop by and comment anytime.... all my sites are free speech based.... the only thing I ask is no swearing.. or adult type stuff as I have a few kids read it as well.....
Catch you

CT Bob said...

" swearing..."

Obviously you HAVE read my blog! LOL!

OK, I'll be G-rated Bob when I visit.