Sunday, December 30, 2007

Firefighters confront Giuliani about 9/11

Via FireDogLake.

Rudy won't let us forget about 9/11.

They won't let Rudy forget about his blame for compounding the tragedy on 9/11.


Anonymous said...

To Bad these same fire fighters could not have been for Lamont. enough said

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I know...

The difference is, I guess our firemen didn't know enough about Ned, while the ones in Iowa sure know plenty about Rudy.

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

I would of loved to see Rudy storm out of the dinner on film.


CT Bob said...

No shit! That would've been incredible.

Being a video blogger myself, I agonize over lost opportunities like that! For every great moment captured on video, there's a dozen more that are missed.

It frickin' kills me!