Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Marching for impeachment

Tom Swan posted this on My Left Nutmeg, and it deserves to be seen:
Destruction of torture tapes and the misrepresentation of Iran's nuclear weapons program were this weeks flavor of criminality by the Bush administration. My friend John Nirenberg has decided that he could not sit silently anymore and that he would walk from Boston to DC to deliver petitions to Nancy "off the table" Pelosi demanding that Congress hold Bush and Dick accountable. Check out John's blog on his march and think about stopping by to give him a warm CT welcome this holiday season:


Today (Tuesday) John is marching through Old Lyme, tomorrow he'll arrive in Westbrook, then on Thursday the 13th he'll be in New Haven. From there, he expects to arrive in Stamford by the 16th and NYC by the 19th.

Go to his blog and show your support for this worthwhile cause. Try to meet him along the way and buy him a cup of coffee or lunch. Sign the petition. And maybe march along with him for a bit to show some solidarity.

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