Monday, December 24, 2007

Volunteers wanted for Kucinich in New Hampshire

(A request from the Connecticut HQ of "Dennis Kucinich for President":)

In this season of miracles, consider volunteering some time working for the presidential candidate who represents your core values.

We have a group of people traveling the four hours from Connecticut to Manchester NH to volunteer for democracy and for Dennis Kucinich's defense of democracy - for the final four days in advance of the New Hampshire primary.

Join us!

We have accommodations awaiting us in the homes of local volunteers, and expect to be doing visibility, going door-to-door discussing the issues, distributing material and then poll-spotting, providing transportation for elderly voters and finally - joining together with hundreds of like-minded people on primary night to continue working to defend America and our Constitution.

The principal contacts for this four-day event (Saturday-Tuesday; January 5th-8th) are Sal Liccione and David A. Stevenson:

Join us for ANY portion of the four days that you are able to.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bob - for providing some support and exposure for Dennis Kucinich's worthy campaign to defend the Constitution and our true American pride.

David A. Stevenson

CT Bob said...

Happy to do it, David.