Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reid backs down...for now

Late yesterday, Senate Majority Leader and indisputable asshole Harry Reid grudgingly agreed to table the FISA extension bill discussion until after holiday recess.

Apparently the senator doesn't want to endanger his holiday travel plans to Aspen or Fiji or where ever by being tied up with nonsensical legislative issues.

The immediate outcome will allow more people to find out about the issue and give us time to bring public opinion to bear on the matter of retroactive telecom immunity for possible crimes they may have committed in enthusiastically abetting the President with his illegal wire tapping operations on innocent private American citizens.

Many Republican senators spent yesterday moaning about how we're standing in the way of the war on terror, and how we want to block continued monitoring of international communications, which couldn't be further from the truth. They also made a show about how these potential lawsuits may bankrupt these telecoms. I don't really know how easy it is to bankrupt corporations that earn $3 billion dollars a quarter, but apparently all it takes is any kind of legal action more serious than an elderly person bringing a trip-and-fall lawsuit.

Who knew these entities were at such risk?

Anyway, Harry Reid behaved true to form and rolled over...yet again.

At least this time it was for the GOOD guys.

And don't forget to thank the man who stood up for what's right. Because if it wasn't for Chris Dodd's outstanding and ballsy leadership, we'd already have telecom immunity.

One man can make a real difference. Let's hope the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are aware of that.

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