Saturday, December 22, 2007

The only way to deal with Bush

The Senate Democrats must be thinking this:
We've tried reasoning with George Bush.

We've tried appealing to his sense of civic duty to work with them.

We've even threatened to filibuster some of his more outrageous requests.

Nothing seems to ever get through to him!
George Bush is a stubborn man. There's no doubt about that. But being stubborn by itself isn't necessarily a good trait.

Perhaps it's traditional in the part of Connecticut/Maine/Texas/where ever he's supposedly from. However, it's not very helpful for the leader of a fractured government.

So, in order to keep George Bush from appointing ONE lousy Republican to one lousy position, they're going to have to keep Congress from recessing for the holidays. They've even offered to let him appoint a frickin' buttload of his political cronies to positions of importance without ANY dissent, if he'd just give up on this one toxic asshole.

But George Bush has the same reasoning facilities of a man suffering from the neurological symptoms of tertiary syphilis. He simply CAN'T comprehend the idea of compromise.

And even if he COULD understand it, he's too fucking stubborn to admit it!

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The last political scuffle of the year between the White House and the Democratic-led Congress played out on the floor of the Senate Friday morning -- even though nearly all the senators had left the Capitol for the Christmas holiday earlier in the week.

In a session that lasted under a minute, Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia, opened and then immediately gaveled closed the Senate.

His sole reason for doing so was to block President Bush from naming controversial "recess appointments" -- a constitutional mechanism that allows the president, during congressional recesses, to fill top government posts for up to one year and avoid Senate confirmation.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced late Wednesday he would keep the Senate open with a series of "pro forma" sessions through mid-January.

Tense talks had just broken down with the White House on a deal that would have allowed the president to make dozens of those appointments if he agreed not to appoint one controversial official, Steven Bradbury, to be the permanent head of the influential Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department.

Bush declined to accept the Democrats' offer, and Reid refused to approve Bradbury because of Democratic concerns about Bradbury's involvement in crafting legal opinions for the administration on interrogation techniques of terrorism suspects.

Similar sessions were conducted for the same reason over the Thanksgiving recess.

Webb won't be the only senator tasked with presiding over the shortened sessions. Other Democrats -- including Sens. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Ben Cardin of Maryland and Chuck Schumer of New York -- will share the duty.
"George Bush: Ruining Christmas for people everywhere, even in Congress."


Sellitman (Kevin) said...

The Republican candidates for President are all awful but any one of them would be an improvement to junior. He cannot leave office soon enough. Merry Christmas CT Bob. I enjoy your Blog and appreciate all you do with your handy dandy movie machine.

CT Bob said...

I agree with most of that; however I'm personally convinced that Giuliani will "out-9/11" even GWB if he ever gets his hands on the controls. He scares me more than any other Republican out there.

Thanks for the nice words, and have a Merry Christmas too!