Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have some fun with us at the Pub Quiz!

Listen, I'm sure whatever it is you think you'll be doing this Saturday night, it won't be NEARLY as much fun as you joining us for the Pub Quiz, Part Duex for Jim Himes for Congress in beautiful downtown Bridgeport at the world-reknowned Murphy's Law Pub!

So here's a suggestion...BE THERE!

For a measly suggested contribution of 25 buckaroos (or, considering how poorly the American dollar is doing these days as a result of Republican policies, $24.67 Canadian) you'll accomplish TWO things:

1) You'll have a rollicking good time, and
2) You'll help save America from craptastic leadership!

Plus, you'll be part of a well-organized and thrilling multi-media extravaganza! Spazeboy (and me, to a lesser extent) have been very busy putting together a round of video questions for the trivia quiz!

You'll have all the excitement of a real-life pub quiz AND get to watch TV at the same time!

Here's an example:

So, sign up here and come join us for a rousing evening of fun, laughter and trivia (with a healthy dose of spirits, I'm sure) from 7PM until 10PM at Murphy's Law, located at easy-as-hell to get to 239 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport. Here's a MAPQUEST MAP for all you navigators out there, and there's a wonderful modern parking garage located just down the block!

We've got less than a year to go to retire "Both Ways" Shays! Let's get rid of him AND Bush at the same time!

THEN we'll party like it's 2009!

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