Monday, April 28, 2008

Amann interview tonight on "All Things Considered"


Erik Campano sent me an email today about his interview with Jim Amann, which airs later today on All Things Considered, probably at 4:50PM on WSHU. I don't have specifics on what frequency it's on, but you can go to and probably find a local NPR station or a link to listen live. Plus, it's going to be available later for on-demand listening.

Erik tells me this is a fascinating interview, and judging from the snippet he described, he's right!

UPDATE from Erik: 91.1 FM for our friends in southwestern Connecticut, 89.9 in southeastern CT.

Here's the deal: the interview that airs at 4:50PM is going to be short - 4 mins - but we'll put the long one on the web shortly thereafter for political junkies to dissect.

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Erik Joseph Campano said...

Hi, it's Erik. I think Bob may not have time to post this so I'll let you know - we're probably running the interview at 4:50, not 5:45. In the air version, we stick to questions about Amann's run for governor - but in the version to be posted on the web, I ask him about his latest thoughts about Lieberman too. Happy listening!