Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spanning the globe

Recently I viewed the stats for this blog, and as usual I was surprised at the amount of views I'm getting from all over the world. This map is a representative sampling of the "most recent 100 visits". It shows a majority of the hits coming from the U.S., but also quite a lot from various nations around the world.

I wish Youtube had a similar type of tracking. I'm curious about how some of my videos are playing to the international community. Sometimes I can guess who's watching from the links my videos get, but that only represents web sites that have put up my video, not who might be viewing it.

The thing that's cool about this is how a guy sitting in a recliner with a wireless keyboard on his lap can share his thoughts with people thousands of miles away on a daily basis.

Anyone can do this. You simply need two things:

A Lay-Z-Boy leather recliner.

An Adesso WKB-3000UB wireless trackball keyboard.

Now you know the secret to blogging. Get out there and create one for yourself. Visit Blogger.com now and sign up to create a blog.

The fine people of Curacao are waiting!


Susan said...

Hey CTBOB. I am one of your readers from Bucharest, Romania. I am an American living in RO and love keeping up with US politics and other random events that you blog about. It helps make me feel closer to home. Thanks for all your blogging!

Jonathan Kantrowitz said...

Bob - How do you do that - I'd ike to see this for my blogs.

CT Bob said...

Welcome, Wes & Sue! Hey, I got Romaniacs reading my blog! Cool.

Jon, if you have a free Sitemeter on the blog (that little multi-colored cube located on a lot of websites; mine is a different design that says "Sitemeter") you can usually click on it to get to the Sitemeter page. Then click on "By World Map" and click on the "100" underneath to display the recent 100 visitors (it usually defaults to 10).

Sellitman (Kevin) said...

I need to spend more time on my blog but if I do then my comments here will decline. What's a Lib to do?

Shameless plug: ihbfc@blogspot.com

vagabondblogger said...

Sorry to not see Cairo on that map, but then again with the numerous electrical outages in my neighborhood, it's difficult to make regular visits.

Also, WOW! You have A LOT of visitors!

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it only shows the last 100 visits, so if I get hundreds or thousands in a day, it misses a lot of them. I'm sure if I draw the map at the right time of day, I'd see you accessing the blog from Cairo.

If I wanted to obsess over the stats I could pay for an optional enhanced account with Sitemeter and get detailed usage reporting, but I'm trying to be less compulsive in my life.

And I'm cheap. That's another factor.

CT Bob said...

Here ya go, VB!

Click on Cairo