Thursday, April 24, 2008

Suddenly, the 118th is exciting!

In the first 24 hours after Jim Amann's surprise announcement, there's a lot of interesting stuff happening here in little ol' Milford.

First, independent candidate Rocco Frank was the early front runner for the Speaker's seat, but only because he was the only person running when Jim made his announcement.

Within hours, Republican challengers for the seat began stirring in their burrows, cautiously poking their noses out to sniff the political winds. I'd imagine we'll see a couple exploratory committees forming very soon.

I was briefly encouraged by some of my well-intentioned but seriously misguided friends to throw my hat in the ring; but my hat is out being blocked, so I guess I'll have to sit this one out.

(Do people still get their hats blocked? It seems like an old timey kind of expression!)

Besides, there are plenty of other local Democrats with actual experience and true leadership abilities, which are qualities I sorely lack. Along with motivation, inspiration, and much of a work ethic.

Fortunately there are quite a few potential candidates here in the 118th who meet those criteria, and would be much more capable of filling Jim Amann's shoes than I could ever hope to be.

The deadline for coming up with a solid candidate is May 28th (I think), so we only have about a month to propose, discuss, vet, nominate, and select a candidate. It's going to be a busy month!

And of course, any potential candidates would do well to attempt to curry favor with me as quickly as possible, because we all know that an endorsement by "Connecticut Bob" will all but guarantee an election victory! Free pizza and beer will get you to the table.

From there, it's all up to you.

The "CT Bob Bump" is a well known political phenomenon. Just ask Jim Amann. Only TWO weeks after my exclusive video of him hit the Internet, he "crushed" his way to a huge victory in the 2006 election.

Voila! The "CT Bob Bump!"

Of course, it helps to be running unopposed. This time around, because of public campaign funding, there will be a lot less uncontested seats. Citizen representatives was the original concept in Connecticut, and the even playing field will ensure many more incumbents being held accountable for their actions by contesting their seats.

And regardless of the election results, we ALL win.


Anonymous said...

Bob, if I can't vote for you.... eff it, I'm just not voting.

I still don't know why you're so hung up on this "leadership and experience" thing. After all, we are talking about the Statehouse!

Beau said...

Which is it? Will the candidate have leadership and experience or will he be a citizen representative (*ahem* CT Bob *ahem*) in line with the original conception in Connecticut.

Kate said...

The news made for an interesting meeting last night...

Anonymous said...

I think you're mistaken on the job qualifications, Bob. According to what I read, this job requires nothing more than an ability to get drunk, have sex, have a smoke, and play Frisbee near the statue of Nathan Hale. See:

You'd be perfect for the job.

And, just imagine the fun both you and your readers could have if you tracked your own campaign and video-blogged your own alleged flip-flops and gaffes, and your own subsequent explanations and misstatements!

Following in the footsteps of Amann seems to be your destiny!

Anonymous said...

CTBlue has a post on Jimmy Amann's delusional behavior. A key section:

"he has no conception of the reception he will get from real live Democrats, the ones who donate money and work to support candidates. You know, the ones who supported Ned Lamont, and will not forget that Amann turned his back on the Democratic party in 2006."

Should be interesting.

Melissa said...


Bob, your Facebook group is up to 55 people now. You have to run dude. The Internet commands you to run.

Bob Symmes said...

From what I've seen in the General Assembly, "leadership and experience" are to be frowned upon...only the leadership is permitted to have leadership...oh wait, my bad: I was thinking of idiots like "our" junior US Senator...

CT Bob said...

"According to what I read, this job requires nothing more than an ability to get drunk, have sex, have a smoke, and play Frisbee near the statue of Nathan Hale."

Well then, except for the Frisbee bit, I'm over-qualified for the job!

Anonymous said...

"Well then, except for the Frisbee bit, I'm over-qualified for the job!"

I thought so. Don't worry, we can always find you a Frisbee advisor.

Now, before you announce your candidacy, check to see if there are any video clips of your pastor advocating chastity and sobriety. If so, you'll have to be prepared to distance yourself from those remarks and reaffirm your commitment to drunken sex in the Connecticut legislature.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
I realized that it's possible to hide an offensive poster's remarks by just clicking on its name. Very useful, like being able to step over dogshit on the sidewalk.
Are there more handy tricks to using blogger?

CT Bob said...

So far, Blogger doesn't allow you to block specific users, and I don't want to go the "moderated comments" route, because 99% of the time people use their heads when they post a comment, and I want them to have their views available immediately.

For the 1% that can't help being complete assholes, I usually toss in a sarcastic comment after deleting their bullshit. Most trolls are attention whores, so it galls them if their precious comments disappear, and eventually they go elsewhere for entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered that Frank is the front runner, he currently has a H.Q. on New Haven Ave. Spoke to him briefly and he has amassed an army of paid and unpaid vlolunteers to take over the entire district.

His campaign manager is Michael Vecchiarelli M.A., his masters degree is in Marketing and he is also a Social Engineering expert. He might be related to to the popular Vecchiarelli who is in office in Milford.

Frank has connections to several Regan Era "wigs" including Dan Quale, Neut Gingrich, Lee Atwater and more. Good luck for anyone taking the challenge because he is super organized, well funded, and over staffed.

What have you guys heard about this race?

CT Bob said...

I know.

I stand in utter awe of the awesome Frank machine! The very awesomeness of it inflicts awe upon me!

I am completely awestruck at the "army" of awesome "paid and unpaid volunteers"!

FYI, "Quale"=Quayle and "Neut"=Newt.

Please, if you're going to stump for a campaign, at least be honest about it and do us the favor of posting your name here. I'm willing to let you have your say, but only if you don't resort to cheap transparent tactics, Mr. Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the disgraceful tactics of one Mr. Anonymous scare you out of the race, Bob!

I happen to know that you are the frontrunner among Anonymous blog commenters, including the prior Anonymi on this very thread.