Saturday, April 05, 2008

Thanks for nothing, McCain

Veteran Democratic lawmaker John Conyers (D-MI) blasted John Sidney McCain III for his anti-MLK holiday stance back in 1983 and his agreement with the Arizona governor's decision to rescind the holiday in 1987.

So now that it's politically advantageous for him to apologize for a lifetime of wrongful policies, McCain offered up a lame mea culpa for his abominable vote and acquiescence with Governor Mecham's hateful ruling, on the 40th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination.

Yeah, like that's going to make everything OK.

Watch Rep. Conyers' face at the end of the video, after he says "Oh, that's great!". The word "Bullshit!" wasn't said, but you can see it hanging there.

I love how politicians like McCain think that saying "I'm sorry" automatically wipes the slate clean of a lifetime of destructive policies and hateful rhetoric. They seem to believe that forgiveness is automatic once a person asks for it. Maybe that's what Christianity teaches as the way to square things with God, but here on Earth, you're supposed to take responsibility for your actions.

"Sorry" doesn't right your wrongs, McCain. It takes actions, not empty words to earn forgiveness.

And nobody's holding their breath to see if you're actually going to do anything to earn it.


Anonymous said...

hey bob, i was wondering if you find a website that lists who voted for it and against it. i tried and failed, but you are the blogmaster, so maybe you can find it.

CT Bob said...

I tried searching for it, anonymous, but only found some text describing the various bills regarding the MLK holiday that came up in the House in 1983, not the roll calls. Apparently, online records aren't all that complete before about 1998, so it'll take more research than I have time for to find how everyone voted on the matter.

Suffice it to say, only ONE major presidential candidate has voted against the bill, and we all know who HE is!