Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bitterness is the flavor of the week

On "Countdown" yesterday, Keith Olbermann and Newsweek columnist Howard Fineman discussed the possibility that Joe Lieberman may speak at the Republican National Convention up in St. Paul late summer.

This video (h/t Scarce at My Left Nutmeg) examines the reasons for Joe's defection from the Democratic Party and his enthusiastic collaboration with the Republicans:
OLBERMANN: What happened to him as a political entity? ...

(Many politicians)...since 9/11, reason out the window, much of their personality subsumed by blind fear of the age of terrorism...Is he some sort of victim of 9/11 post-traumatic stress disorder, politically?

FINEMAN: No, I think he's been overcome not by fear but by bitterness. I think he feels rejected by his party, he feels dissed by his party. The primary run against him by Ned Lamont in Connecticut he felt to be a personal affront.

And when politicians start taking it personally, they lose their way.

(emphasis mine, of course)

Which face will Joe be wearing in St. Paul?

I've been having fun photoshopping stuff lately. It's a real hoot to take an image and enhance the natural elements of horror within it. It's an interesting process to try to capture the essential rotten core of a person.

The only exception is Dick Cheney.

Every time I tried to make Dick Cheney's face more hideous, it improved his looks.

The man is a challenge.

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