Monday, April 28, 2008

Pics from the JJB

It's late, so I'm just gonna post the photos. The videos will be up a little later this week, probably by Thursday or Friday. It was a good event, and I had a lot of fun with Mike & Tessa, Branford Boy, Maura, CT Blogger, TParty, and others in attendance. More details later.

Branford Boy sweet talkin' Maura.

Me and my trusty camera. CT Blogger saved me by bringing an audio cable I needed. Thanks, buddy!

Sen. Chris Dodd through the eye of my video camera.

Lee Whitnum and Branford Boy share a table at the JJB. An eyebrow or two may have been raised.

Sen. Joe Biden makes a point during his lengthy yet interesting speech.

Many interviews will be posted as soon as I can. Thanks are due to State Central and Justin Kronholm for making it painless to get the press credentials for the event.


Kate said...

looks like everyone had fun..

Mom got a late invite from Linda S from Milford...unfortunately she was unable to attend..

CT Bob said...

Yeah, there were a few available seats at the Milford table due to the miserable weather. Good thing for me, though; I got a free meal and brought Joyce home a dessert!

Busy night; I got loads of interviews.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there!

It would have been worth it just to meet Lee Whitnum...especially now that she's taken down the "I hate Sarah" page from her website :-)

CT Bob said...

Finding Lee sitting at Kelly's table may qualify as the single oddest moment of 2008 so far!

Kelly was convinced Nancy DiNardo had something to do with the seating arrangements. If so, that was brilliant payback to him; kudos to Nancy for sheer comedic genius!