Sunday, April 06, 2008

London protest disrupts torch relay

UPDATE: Today (Monday) French protesters did manage to extinguish the torch.

That makes the score French hooligans: 1, English hooligans: 0.

Stay tuned for other torch updates!

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Protesters angry over China's human rights record and its recent actions in Tibet scuffled with police and made attempts to grab the Olympic torch and douse it with a fire extinguisher on Sunday.
A fire extinguisher! OK, even though I don't necessarily agree with physically interfering with the torch relay, that's pretty fucking funny!
Hundreds of police officers guarded the 31-mile relay and flanked torch-bearers in an effort to limit disruptions by pro-Tibet campaigners. At least 35 people have been arrested for public disorder offences, the Metropolitan Police said.

Crowds were lining the route across the city, many waving Tibetan flags and "Free Tibet" banners.

Others carried signs reading: "Stop the killing in Tibet", "No Olympic torch in Tibet" and "China talk to Dalai Lama."

China is hosting this year's Summer Olympics.
There's no question that the protests against China's policies in Tibet are gaining support around the world. Nancy Pelosi, while not taking the bold step of calling for an outright boycott of the Bejing Olympics, has asked President Bush to skip the opening ceremonies. It's a symbolic step in the right direction, but like many of Nancy's positions, is only a half step. I guess a full boycott of the Olympics is also "off the table".
Hundreds of pro-Beijing demonstrators were also gathered along the route and in Trafalgar Square with police separating them from anti-China protesters.

Amid chaotic scenes, police officers grabbed a man in west London as he tried to snatch the flame from torchbearers.

Moments afterwards, a second man released a cloud of foam from a fire extinguisher in an apparent attempt to douse the flame. (read the entire story via the link above)
I wonder what would have happened if the Olympic flame sputtered and went out. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese have a few stand-by flames burning in a support vehicle, ready to go in case someone pisses on the torch.

I mean, it's a hell of a long jog back to Mount Olympus.

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