Saturday, April 26, 2008

Protesting Bush's visit

CT Blogger put together a terrific video of the anti-Bush rally that was held yesterday up in Kent, near the home of wanted war criminal and unindicted Watergate co-conspirator Henry Kissenger, who hosted the President along with 5th District Republican challenger David Cappiello. Bush was joined by Gov. Rell and Chris Shays at his arrival at Bradley.

I would have liked to have been there, but work interrupted; yesterday I left my house around 7AM, then was in Manhattan at 10AM, then up to Boston by 10PM, stayed over, worked in Boston all day today, and finally back home at 6PM.

These 36-hour workdays are kind of exhausting!

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Anonymous said...

Was Henry a Watergate conspirator? I knew he had his own little taping system set up, but I never knew he was mixed up in Watergate.

CT Bob said...

Guilt by association.

It's all the rage these days, don'cha know!

Seriously, while Kissenger was never specifically targeted by the investigation, he was a very "hands-on" Sec. of State, who Nixon certainly trusted and consulted, and almost certainly conspired with. The man was smart, probably smarter than the rest of Nixon's gang, and he managed to skate while everyone else in Nixon's circle of jerks marched off to prison.

Anonymous said...

What did he do to get together enough money to buy a large estate in Kent, a very pricey place?
Couldn't have been on fees for speeches - he is nearly unintelligible. His accent gets thicker every year. Must have been other magic gopper cash.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, but remember that speaking fees aren't because people actually give a fuck what the speaker says; it's more of a payoff for whatever service the speaker has provided.

Providing cover for the toxic Republican administration pays really well, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I posted my theory about Billy Jeff and all his fat fees earlier.
Anyway, I did recall that DrK had a consulting business with an international clientele after leaving government. What secret insights he must have had to peddle!

fuzzyturtle said...

"I would have liked to have been there, but work interrupted" yea sure.. ;)

it was a good time, great weather and good people

HK cant be all madcrazyrich, or he would have bought up the property on the lake. He's back in the swamp where he belongs (apologies to the muskrats and frogs)