Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It only took the FBI a year and a half figure out what we all knew back in August, 2006.
UPDATE: Turns out, the FBI did complete the investigation in a reasonable amount of time, and a good week or so before the general election. AG Dick Blumenthal may have had this information and held it back. Click on this to read the new story.
Lieberman's own stupid staff caused their website to crash, through a remarkable combination of incompetence and lack of planning.

Meanwhile, has the FBI been investigating the $387,000 in funds unaccounted for and possibly used as "street money" by Lieberman's campaign? Why aren't FBI agents interviewing the people in Fairfield County who allegedly know about these kinds of goings-on? I know the FEC is essentially powerless to do anything these days, but if bribes can be proven, then there's certainly a criminal conspiracy that went on and I'm sure Federal Law has a few options they can use to pursue an investigation.

Anyway, like I said, we ALL knew it was a bullshit allegation by Lieberman. Here's the story in today's paper. From Newsday:
STAMFORD, Conn. - Federal investigators have concluded that U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman's 2006 re-election campaign caused the crash of its Web site the day before the Democratic primary with Ned Lamont.

The FBI says it has found no evidence supporting the Lieberman campaign's allegations that Lamont supporters were to blame for the Web site crash.

Lieberman had implied that was hacked by Lamont supporters.

The Advocate of Stamford is citing an e-mail from the FBI which says the server that hosted Lieberman's Web site failed because it was overused and not configured correctly.

Lieberman lost the primary to Lamont but won re-election as an independent in the general election.
By the way, I still have a complete archive of Joe's website and his vile blog from the revamped internet account. It's in a 32MB zip file, so if anyone would find it useful to keep the pressure of Joe for his broken promises and many, many lies, email me with your request.

Here's a screencap from that awful sack of crap, which was largely written by Danny Gerstein and his chinless little troll, Eric Blankenbaker:

Ah, memories. It makes my skin crawl to read some of the posts on it.

But also, there is an hysterically funny collection of blog comments that Danny thoughtfully saved and published in a .pdf file for our amusement. This was after he promised to keep the comments section open no matter what.

Well, of course, "what" happened, and Danny pulled the plug on the comments! If I can figure out how to post a .pdf file on here, maybe I'll put it online. The "Does Joe Lieberman beat his wife?" discussion is a great representation of the content in much of the user comments.

Jesus! Look at the time stamps on some of those comments! The wise-assed remarks started appearing within MINUTES of Gerstein's statement. The people who posted there were absolutely brutal and relentless! They really cracked me up.

And, as I've said many times before, I never ONCE posted a comment on Joe's blog. I felt that in order to maintain my journalistic credibility on the subject it would be best to withhold my participation and simply report on the story.

And besides, I knew there'd be plenty of creative assholery going on over there without me needing to take part in it!


vagabondblogger said...

Lieberman=Big Cry Baby! So happy it was his own campaign that screwed itself.

CT Bob said...

Well, he hasn't gotten his come-uppance just yet...but we're working on it!